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HI !How are you doing today,mon ami? I will be letting you guys in on some of my most treasured applications on my devices.They have proven to be useful over time and have saved me on several occasions. So,let’s get to it.

1.YouVersion Bible App

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Obviously!I really love this app because first,it’s free.It has so many different Bible translations,devotionals from many Christian authors,music groups with different features such as highlighting verses in different colours,comparing translations,creating images from your favourite scriptures,taking notes.You also get badges for completing certain plans and reaching certain ‘milestones’.You can also add friends in your contact or Facebook,who also have the app so that you can do certain plans or devotions together. Ain’t that cool?!

Using YouVersion Bible App

2.Google Keep


This app is amazing because you get to make notes(written or voice),checklists,save images,make drawings to keep for future purpose.You get to colour code your notes or lists,put them in categories or hashtag them,set reminders,save things from the internet share on different social media platforms,pin the most important notes across various devices you own.


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This is a design app.For making awesome designs,modifying existing designs for your social media platforms,blog,banners,and so on.It is free but some in app purchases need to be made to be able to access some designs.There are so many designs to choose from.


This is a great site for book lovers 📒📖😁.You have so many Nigerian authors on the platform.It’a a proudly Nigerian book reading site and app.You get a free trial for a month and afterwards you have to subscribe to access books  but relatively affordable if you love book reading and have the funds for it.


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This is another great site and app for book lovers.Thete are a lot of options of books from several Nigerian authors.It is also a good platform for new and more experienced authors. It works in a different way though.Each book is sold at a price set by the author instead of the monthly or annual subscription of bambooks.So,there’s a wide array of free books,cheap books and books on the expensive side.However,this is relative to each individual.It also has some books not available on Bambooks .


Formerly Piggybank.It is a money saving app that helps you plan and save for a certain period .There are various options of savings available on the platform whether to lock savings,piggyflex that allows you to save and withdraw to your bank account at any time,or the actual piggyvest savings where you can only withdraw on certain set withdrawal days or risk the loss of a certain percentage of your savings.There’s also the opportunity of making investments in various businesses on the app.

You can join via this referral link PiggyVest

Check them out on Google Playstore or any other app store.

Try out these apps and tell me what you think!Also share your favourite apps as well in the comment section!


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Learn How to Improve Yourself Everyday


What I really want to achieve by writing this post is to show you how to develop yourself in different areas of life and I want you to know that it is really possible.
There are several tips in the post that you can follow but you do not need to follow all because that might not be possible, I suggest you follow as many as you can and see how it will improve your life.

It doesn’t matter what level you are in life, you can always get a better life and that is what this post will help you do.

Develop yourself mentally

1. Read books

Reading books keeps you alert mentally as it makes your brain sharper. It makes you utilize your brain instead of leaving it dormant.

Reading might seem boring to most people but if you do it regularly you will find out that reading is actually interesting, If you find reading books boring maybe it’s time to try audio books as all you need to do is listen and not read.

There’s no limit to the amount of books that you can read in a month but you can try to read at least one book a month.

2. Meditate

When you think deep about matters or about things you’ve read, that act is known as meditation and it is very important because it helps you to understand what you’ve read and heard.
To meditate you need to be able to focus for some minutes or hours without distraction. Some people are not patient enough to reflect and think about things because some people are all about the action.

You need to develop the habit of meditating daily as this will help you understand a lot of things better. It is a skill you can develop if you don’t have it.
You can start by meditating for 5 minutes a day then, you can increase it 10 minutes a day and you can keep increasing it till you can do 1 hour of meditation a day.

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Quotes for today

“Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”


God will use every piece of our story to illuminate His glory


I cannot control everything that comes into my life,but I can choose what I magnify

-Steven Furtick

Sabbath is not about resting perfectly,but resting on the one who is perfect

-Shelly Miller


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Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters (Col 3:23)

Hustle ➡️ to work rapidly or energetically.

Hustle doesn’t have to mean getting ahead, walking all over our colleagues or coworkers,or shining a spotlight on ourselves.It Is about living fully in the lane where God has placed us and discovering the restorative balance of work and rest.




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12 Habits That Destroy Your Focus and Productivity

Your ability to be highly focused and productive are two key ingredients for achieving better results and making faster progress in your career. However, there are many sneaky little productivity killers that silently sabotage your success.

Despite working hard and disciplining yourself, it might be that your results are slowed down because of these subtle little habits, without you even realizing it.

After years of optimizing my productivity, I’ve identified 12 habits that are silently destroying your focus and productivity. Identifying and removing these habits will allow for greater focus and productivity, without the need to work harder or put in more hours.

In fact, as soon as you get rid of these habits you’ll be able to get much more done by working smarter instead of harder.

Habit 1: Leaving Unnecessary Tabs Open On Your Desktop

When you’re working, make sure that you only have the tabs open that are absolutely necessary for your task at hand. One of the easiest ways to get distracted is when you see that little ‘(1)’ icon next to your Facebook, email or messaging tabs.

The pull to quickly check what the new notification is about is simply too strong to resist. It continuously pulls for your attention, and eventually, you’ll give in. Sometimes, this ‘quick check’ sucks you into an internet vortex that costs you anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes that could’ve been spent productively.

Furthermore, by reacting to these notifications, you’re essentially operating on autopilot mode where you reactively serve the agenda of other people instead of proactively protecting your own time and focus for your work at hand.

Habit 2: Checking Your Phone First Thing In The Morning

One of the worst habits that many of us share is checking our smartphone first thing in the morning. The problem is that, when we do so, we’re instantly in reactive mode. Our thoughts, ideas and focus are immediately hijacked by the new messages, emails and notifications that we’ve received, which forces us to think about that stuff instead of on our goals.

Photo by Tinh Khuong on Unsplash

Personally, I find it very hard to resist the urge to check my business statistics early in the morning (such as Medium views, email subscribers and sales). And although this is not as bad as checking email or social media first thing in the morning, it’s still a habit to forces me to operate reactively instead of proactively. It immediately fills my attention span with information that could’ve been spent on generating new ideas.

Habit 3: Watching Netflix or TV First Thing In The Morning

For years, I used to watch at least one hour of TV in the morning. And just like checking your smartphone first thing in the morning, this habit is not beneficial for your focus and productivity levels.

The thing is, when you watch Netflix or TV, you’re already starting your day by distracting your mind. Essentially, you’re priming it for distraction for the rest of the day. As your brain has already received a huge hit of dopamine, it only wants more.

It’ll be much harder to fight distractions throughout the day when you’ve already numbed your mind by watching TV in the morning.

Furthermore, the time spend watching TV could’ve been spent productively by following an empowering morning routine in which you meditate, plan your day, review your goals, do affirmations, visualize and read an inspiring book. By following a morning routine, you set yourself up for a highly focused and productive day — unlike watching Netflix for an hour.

Habit 4: Leaving Notifications and Alerts On

One of the simplest changes that had the highest ROI on my focus and productivity has been to put the notifications and alerts off on all my devices (and especially my smartphone).

As we’ve mentioned before, the notifications and alerts pull for your attention continuously. It puts you in reactive mode instead of proactive mode, as other people control your attention as they can disrupt you at any moment.

In fact, every notification and alert that you don’t check opens a ‘loop’ in your mind that desperately wants to be closed. This is what’s called the ‘Zeigarnik Effect’. The psychological pull of closing this loop is simply too strong to resist (especially later on in the day when our willpower muscle becomes tired).

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Not only did this habit make me more focused and productive, but it also helped me get less stressed and overwhelmed. The continuous psychological pull to check my smartphone after every notification I received was simply gone — and that gave enormous peace of mind.

It takes just 3 minutes to do, but it’ll have an enormous impact on your life. Try it for yourself!

At the bare minimum, make sure your alerts and notifications are off when you’re working on your most important tasks so that you can direct all of your focus and energy towards crushing it.

Habit 5: Sleeping In

Sleeping in immediately puts you in a lousy state of mind from it’s much harder to motivate yourself to work hard. When you start your day in a lazy way, you tend to carry that mindset throughout the rest of the day — and that leads to procrastination and time wasting.

Personally, I’m a complete sucker for sleeping in. Ironically enough, my inspiration for writing this article is that today I slept in and I’m very frustrated about it.

As I own an online business, I don’t need to be in the office by 09:00, so it does sometimes happen that I wake up later than I actually intended to. And those days are very clearly my most unproductive and unfocused days.

Fortunately, I know how to change my state from a lousy state of mind to a peak state of mind, so I don’t suffer from procrastination anymore. But still, I lose a lot of time that could’ve been spent productively.

On the contrary, on those days where I wake up at 07:00, follow my empowering morning routine and start working by 08:30, I’m much more productive, focused and less stressed.

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