Learn How to Improve Yourself Everyday


What I really want to achieve by writing this post is to show you how to develop yourself in different areas of life and I want you to know that it is really possible.
There are several tips in the post that you can follow but you do not need to follow all because that might not be possible, I suggest you follow as many as you can and see how it will improve your life.

It doesn’t matter what level you are in life, you can always get a better life and that is what this post will help you do.

Develop yourself mentally

1. Read books

Reading books keeps you alert mentally as it makes your brain sharper. It makes you utilize your brain instead of leaving it dormant.

Reading might seem boring to most people but if you do it regularly you will find out that reading is actually interesting, If you find reading books boring maybe it’s time to try audio books as all you need to do is listen and not read.

There’s no limit to the amount of books that you can read in a month but you can try to read at least one book a month.

2. Meditate

When you think deep about matters or about things you’ve read, that act is known as meditation and it is very important because it helps you to understand what you’ve read and heard.
To meditate you need to be able to focus for some minutes or hours without distraction. Some people are not patient enough to reflect and think about things because some people are all about the action.

You need to develop the habit of meditating daily as this will help you understand a lot of things better. It is a skill you can develop if you don’t have it.
You can start by meditating for 5 minutes a day then, you can increase it 10 minutes a day and you can keep increasing it till you can do 1 hour of meditation a day.

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Hi! I'm Esther🙋‍♀️! A Christian Medical student who justs wants to pen ✍down her thoughts and share them with the world!Join me as we share life experiences and profer solutions!

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